Working Remotely, Being Connected

Working Remotely - Being Connected

WiFi is Our Lifeline

"Working remotely, being connected" - what does this mean in our new normal? 

The concept has one key question at its core:  

How do I lead my team - when I am readjusting and working to lead myself? 

To help address this question, I created a sense-making model and training with the purpose to help guide folks (individuals, leaders, people in culture/learning/talent/HR roles) to be able to get into that mental space to go from "survival, get-it-done mode" to a "adapt and thrive" mode.  

In the face of change, organizational and leadership cultures are those that are able to stay the course (resilience), reinvent (innovation) and adapt to new circumstances (adaptability) in order to remain competitive. These factors become starkly clear in times of high disruptive change such as COVID-19.

You - Me - Us: Adapt & Thrive

 Helping to foster resilience, adaptability and reinvention requires leaders to take a self-view first. This is where I can help. If you would like to join in for an interactive workshop, you can register online or talk to me about running one virtually for you and your team. 

A good intro on leading and working in dispersed with some key recommendations can be found in the Transforming Talent Insights newsletter: Our New Normal: Working Remotely, Being Connected