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Human Resources Consulting


Digital transformation, upskilling, agility, principles before processes - 

the people role in organizations is changing - ergo the Human Resources function is also changing. 

But how to change?

I offer team workshops, one-on-one coaching, HR professional development programs, HR process audits, to redesigning your employer branding, talent, learning and engagement programs.


Solutions designed around where your business is heading - 

and what you need the people role to be in the future.

My approach

Meeting and Workshop Moderation


Business is changing - how do we get everyone on board and part of the journey?

Be it cross-functionally, cross-regionally, cross-industry or to hash out as a leadership team what your next steps ought to be.


Working together with you, we create a workshop and atmosphere that not only hits the goals - but has clear sustainability points to keep the momentum going for when people return back to their day jobs.

What customers say about me

Development Design


What is the job to be done today - what are the roles of tomorrow - and how can we best prepare?

My specialties are in the areas of Co-Creation, Learning, Talent, Inclusion, and Employee Experience. 

Not stopping with the "a-ha's" around our new reality but offering up pragmatic and fundamental ways to tap into the potential these areas offer.   Be it as a speaker, talent coach, leadership trainer, or development program designer.

Development in Action

Chief Talent Navigator

Elizabeth M. Lembke

Known professionally for putting the “Human” in HR

Publisher of the Transforming Talent Insights Newsletter

Co-Creator.space Co-Founder

HRImprov Co-Founder

15+ years experience in global HR (9 in Automotive)

Former Global Director Talent & HR, with responsibilities spanning 11 countries and 25+ locations 

Broad scope: talent, leadership, technical and organizational development, learning, employee engagement and experience, branding, talent attraction (recruiting), corporate social responsibility, communications, HR professionalism, co-creation, design-thinking and process value-streaming   

Honored with Innovation Awards and a Franklin Covey Benchmark for purpose-driven work

Sought after facilitator and accredited team and individual coach

Speaker for Futures in Talent, Learning and Co-Creation

Masters and Bachelors of Science in industrial, organizational and pedagogical psychology

Wish to Contact Me for Navigation Assistance?

No bottle is needed!

You can reach me per E-mail: elembke@transformingtalent.de or 

per telephone: +49 163 964 5337.

If you would like to set-up a meeting: https://calendly.com/elembke

I am looking forward to talking with you!

Guiding Stars

Eye on Where you Want to Go


Passion for transformation – be it work, culture, talents or HR. 

All are in flux which is why there is such a strong pull towards a meaningful purpose and orientation.  In the same breath, all are seeking pragmatic ways forward - identifying key areas to focus on that "North Star".

The clue is to design and implement the best way for you and your company to move forward. 

Working together towards your personal and organizational North Stars, we make that magic happen.

Navigation Fundamentals


Mindset first.

Talent is everywhere.

Innovation can happen anywhere.


The best ideas come out of the flow of creative collaboration. 

How I Help You Get There


By working with you on:

  • personalized talent solutions
  • establishing a co-creation culture
  • optimizing learning approaches
  • employee experiences 
  • forging new paths in Employer / Talent Branding
  • facilitating team workshops
  • post-M&A cultural transformation
  • process value-streaming
  • coaching (DBVC certified)

Where do you want to go?

Guiding You Through Unfamiliar Waters

Work Reviews


”Incredible mentor –you showed us the future and helped us get there”

- Current Customer

"You bring in a broader view, challenge us to think differently and coach us to try different paths.  It is as if you are truly part of the team. Our work and our impact are changing - and you are a large part of that. " 

- Current customer

"The dispersed team is in one boat - and all rowing in the same direction. Thank you for your leadership and support to help make that happen."

- Current customer

"Uncompromising integrity, positive energy, expert knowledge, intercultural savvy, business orientation, selfless humility, and bountiful empathy--that is Elizabeth Lembke."

- Brett Gilman, Vice-President Purchasing, Grammer AG

"Elizabeth's strong work ethic and passion for talent management made her a high contributor to BorgWarner’s Talent Management Council. She challenged the status quo to serve her internal customers and championed key initiatives with a solid base of research, creativity and interconnectedness of systems and processes. She was instrumental in authoring the Enterprise Talent Principles that served as a bedrock for succession planning and BorgWarner’s Global Talent Development Process.

- Diane Pitre, Director Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, BorgWarner Inc.

"After working with Liz for three years I continued to be impressed by her never ending enthusiasm for talent development and her keen insight in managing talent within our organization. Liz is equally at home coaching individuals or driving large organization's strategic talent management process. She was a trusted source within the organization and was relied on heavily by all levels for her keen insight and great grasp of the organizations needs."

- Nick Belton, Global Business Development Director eHeaters, BorgWarner

Facilitation Reviews


"...adding significant value to the event with her engaging style and her deep knowledge of the topics discussed, making her very effective in providing context and ensuring a red thread for the participants. She is very approachable and has a great way of encouraging attendees to interact during an event, making it a more valuable experience for everyone."

- Malin Linden, Vice President at SAP SE

"Elizabeth acted as Chairwoman at our Global Learning & Development Summit in October 2018. She brought not only a great knowledge, but also a magnificent energy and enthusiasm to the event.

Elizabeth went above and beyond in her efforts to ensure that the event was a successful one. Quick-thinking, flexible and extremely personable, I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth as a speaker, workshop leader or master of ceremonies for a corporate or B2B event."

Lewis Howse, Production Manager, Corporate Parity

"Elizabeth is an energetic, insightful and inspirational facilitator.  We have been fortunate enough to have Elizabeth play an active role in our international workshops and hackathons across Europe and the USA.  Elizabeth always brings a unique energy into the room and has that rare ability to inject energy into a diverse range of people."

- Russell Butler, CEO & Founder iVentiv Ltd.

"Elizabeth ...is a very inspiring moderator with great communication skills and a real HRD thought leader. I can recommend Elizabeth as a moderator for any HR related topic, both in German and English language."

- Jan Schwickerath, Sales Director for getAbstract AG

Customer Project Examples


Complete Talent Redesign: 

Ownership, accountability and delivery on viable talent pipelines - at an organisational, leadership and individual talent level - today

Employer Branding post M&A:

Employees make the brand - marketing doesn't.  After multiple years of restructuring of a company made up of many smaller companies, establishing a common "esprit de corps".  Focus on internal employees first then external outreach.

Transformation HR Academy 

Professional qualification, job and role design for HR to adapt to Future of Work "People Role".

Analysis and Reorg Talent Acquisition Organization

Via a current state versus future demands, analysis of Talent Acquisition organization, role and job design with recommendations moving forward.

Agility - not only Agile

Method is not philosophy - establishing principles of agility and transformation  to improve collaboration, customer interface and bravery.

Facilitation Strategic Leadership Meeting

One company in innovation and transformational change: executive leadership meeting

One Boat: Transformation Finance 

Future forward finance workshop design and moderation

Marketing Organization: Now and in Future

Teaming and future organization workshop for scaling start-up

Chairwoman and Master of Ceremonies Global Learning and Development Summit: Learning Futures

Culture of Engagement

Spearheaded initiatives which led to one of the highest ever measured engagement improvements 

Tech Talent Development

Next practice benchmark for technical and business-critical talent development

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Port of Call?

2019 has us meeting up at

March 21, 2019 

getAbstract Networking Conference in Munich: Moderator 

April 3-4, 2019

Sourcing Summit Germany #SOSUDE: speaker and ambassador: Munich

6.-7. June 2019: #SOSUEE Estland Sourcing Summit: Ambassador: Tallinn 

18.-19. June 2019: HRD Summit: VIP  Guest: Amsterdam

12. September 2019: World of Work Reimagined: Henley Business School: Participant: London

22-23. October: Corporate Parity Global Learning & Development Summit: Conference Chair: Barcelona

20. November BridgeCon Europe The Employee Development Conference: Stream facilitator: London

More dates to follow soon!

Interested in working together for a strategic meeting, conference, or a talk? 

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