HR Improv Theatre

All-Hallow's Eve at the HR Improv Designing the FUTURE?



Based on the positive response from our peers and colleagues wanting to be part of the active DESIGN for the Improv Theatre, we are adjusting the nature of this event accordingly and making October 31st into a co-creation workshop. 

In this DESIGN workshop, the shared expertise as practitioners, researchers, and future of work workers will lead the flow of co-creation. In the one-day workshop, we will test out techniques based in design, visioning and improv to focus our work as leaders on the "Why" before the "How" to better enable ourselves, our teams and our organizations in future practice.

This DESIGN group will be the team to pull off the #HRImprov Theatre which will be set for May.

We believe the window is wide open for us to make bold and creative changes to how we think the people agenda: and we want your brain, heart and passion to be part of the creation!

Therefore, this remains a No-Selling Event and there will be NO COVER CHARGE

This is a non-sponsored, non-selling "HR for a promising future of HR"hosted event. We want you there for your brain, heart and passion which is why donations are welcome but not expected. 

No worries, there will be plenty of food and drink, treats along with the tricks throughout the day and a lot of space to let your creative vein flow.

Why Improv Theatre?


  • From improv comes insight – by dropping your guard, you let go of what you have and thereby receive what you need 
  • Theatre lets us try a new reality
  • By putting HR into the creative, risk-embracing context of theatre, it allows us to reframe the familiar, make fun of the sacred, and try on the inconceivable (yes, that word means what we think it means.)
  • As HR we then go back to holding the brush-in-hand to paint the organizations of the future that we need full of centaur talent and  practices beyond hacks.

What can one expect?

  1. As part of the DESIGN team, to have fun while going outside of the comfort-zone into the learning zone
  2. Co-DESIGNERs are the rebels, rogues and curious - some may have day-jobs as practitioners (HR managers, CLOs, VPs HR, Talent Directors) some as consultants, freelancers or recruiters, some as gurus or researchers, some may be TBD.  
  3. The only pre-req is the belief that together we can change up the game. We believe power is in the mix working together rather than in isolation.
  4. This group of Co-DESIGNERS will create the #HRImprov Theatre event to be held in May

Key Logistics: Design Workshop


  • Dates: October 31, 2018  at the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam 
  • Non-sponsored, non-selling–because we believe we as HR need this
  • Curated participants – can also come from outside of HR and have a keen desire to challenge paradigms  
  • Donations are welcome but not expected
  • Food, drink, tricks & treats during the sessions will be provided 
  • follow us on Instagram #hrimprov

Your hosts are: Mandy Chooi, award-winning former Director, Global Innovation and Strategy HR at ING and myself, Elizabeth Lembke.  

You can trust us that this will be an experience and a learning like no other you have had before.

We know that you will come out of it full of new energy, humor and verve to help you and your organization take that next step. 

You know what you need to do now, right?  

Reserve your spot as a co-DESIGNER here